Requesting for cloud resources has never been easier.

Researchers, don't let expensive cloud resources stop you from ground-breaking discoveries.

No more personal credit cards.

No more worries on cloud resources.

What is MYREC?

Malaysian Research and Education Cloud (MYREC) is designed to empower researchers, enabling you to seamlessly request and access AWS cloud services tailored to your specific research requirements. The platform eliminates the reliance on researchers’ personal credit cards by establishing a direct billing model with universities through agreements. MYREC simplifies the resource allocation process, allowing administrators to manually provision requested services, fostering efficient collaboration between researchers and administrators.

How are we different?

See how we solve your problems on cloud computing for researchers.

Direct billing to university/ institutions

Instead of paying for cloud resources personally, we redirect the bills to your university/ institution.

No more putting your personal money upfront!

AWS Cloud services support

We provide support for cloud services that you are interested to use.

Just give us a call/email and we are happy to assist!

Tailored to your needs

No more unoptimized cloud services. Make every penny worth!

We are here to assist!

Researches from all backgrounds are welcome!

Government Agencies

Education Institutions

Non- profit

This includes federal, state, and local government bodies, public universities, research institutions, and other public sector entities . If you are unsure, just give us a call!

Interested, but your institution is not in the list?

Hit us up! Our reps can’t wait to hear from you!

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